Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

― Thomas A. Edison

Who are we?

Mikrodidakt AB was founded in Lund, Sweden, in the early 80's. This was the time when electronics benefit from the large scale integration technology and made it possible to put a computer in just a few components. The microcomputer was born, today called embedded system.

Why choose us?

With our background we can assist in a cost effective and functional design of both hardware and software. We have a vast experience of developing software which executes seamless on all hardware revisions. Assisting in redesign of electronics due to components going out of the market, including software update for seamless execution on existing hardware revisions builds a long relationship with our partners.

Yes, we have done it!

We understand the anxiety with customers that is behind the question "Have you done it?", however we would like to emphasize that competence is not only about experience but also very much related to the willingness and perception to take up new knowledge.


Our work has taken us on an interesting journey, covering many segments of the industry.


Medical industry

Telecom industry

Gasoline retail

Chemical industry

Printing industry


We have always hade a close colaboration with our clients and some have we been working with since the 1980s when we started.

We must ensure that technology is accessible, affordable, and adds value.”

― Narendra Modi

We have been in business since 1980 and retrieved a lot of knowledge from that time that we are sure can be useful for you. Our skills enhance the possibility to find and correct problems at an early stage. We have since the 80's always encouraged an agile development in its true sense, quickly adapting changes during developement.


New areas are opertunities not obstacles, and these are the areas we would like to highlight.

Time and safety critical system

Real time software and fast response time in the embedded system are properties that have been on the agenda since the company birth. We have 30 years experiance with design of safety system in the medical industry.

Low level programming

Low level programming have always been one of our expertise areas. We have deep knowledge of both software and hardware and how they interact. This experiance is valuable when designing system with properties of succesful restart at power failure.

Operating systems

Our vast experiance with RTOS We have worked with both drivers but also with the basic components of an operating system such as scheduling.


We have the expertise to design electronics aimed for small and bigger series in production. We take full responsibility for the design and handle approval with regards to immunity as well as emission.


A board support package (BSP) is the layer of software containing hardware-specific drivers and other routines that allow a particular operating system to function in a particular hardware environment. We build operating systems and infrastructure software specific to your hardware product, including SDKs for the development of applications. To accomplish this we are using the following opensource projects.

Yocto Project

The Yocto Project is supported by large and active community of developers and by companies such as Freescale, MontaVista, Wind River, Intel, Dell, among others.


Mender is a project for supporting Over-the-air software updates for embedded Linux devices. Mender is an open source tool for updating your embedded devices safely and reliably.

Build Root

Buildroot is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation. We can both assist migrating to Yocto Project or continue working with buildroot on bringup of your BSP for your hardware.


As operatingsystem we use the Linux kernel. Supported by both a large community but also by many of the biggest tech companies.

Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

― Henry Ford


We have the expertise to design electronics aimed for small and bigger series in production. We take full responsibility for the design and handle approval with regards to immunity as well as emission. Our approach to design the electronics for fullfilling the EMC and EMI recuirements simplifies the design of the enclosures.


We have the expertise to implement low level software as well as drivers for operating system. Web application and infrastructure supporting the device on the internet including software update are also in our toolbox.


Free form design of enclosure using fast prototyping intended for cost effective moulding in the production phase is also in our ability. By using a 3D-printer we can give you the possibility to actually touch you product and to catch any problem with the design in an early stage of the development phase.

Production line

We can handle production with the assistance of our partners and take full responsibility for the quality of the manufacturing. Documented and traceable test results are always included. We have experience of production volumes of +1000 units.

Testing & verification

Before the products are shipped to you it will go through our testing and validation. We will take full responsibility of the end result. When designing hardware the testing of the design are crucial for a satisfactory result. Also during the software development there are experience which are very useful for the production testing of the product.

The end result

Will be a product ready to be shipped out to your customers. The next step would be for you to contact us and test our expertise.

Mikrodidakt AB
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